Do you know the ten characteristics of good e-liquid?

As a substitute for cigarettes, e-cigarettes have become the new favorite of many people in this era of increasing emphasis on health preservation. E-cigarette is a non-combustible electronic atomization device, which uses advanced microelectronic technology and physical atomization technology to atomize the nicotine dilution extracted from tobacco into a smoke shape, and simulate the whole process of smoking in a humanized manner. E-liquid is the most common consumable in the use of e-cigarettes, and the quality of e-liquid also directly affects the experience of e-cigarette enthusiasts when using e-cigarettes. So do you know about smoke oil? Do you know how to identify good e-liquid? Today, the editor will take everyone to increase knowledge together. Good e-liquid generally has the following characteristics:

First: the color of e-liquid is pure. E-liquid is a kind of liquid, and the most intuitive thing is its purity. If the color of e-liquid looks impure, it will make people feel unhygienic and will directly affect Man pumps desire.

Second: The taste is mellow and fragrant. For an e-liquid, the taste must be the most important thing to catch you. If it is tasteless to inhale, it is only natural to discard it. In particular, many people use e-cigarettes to replace cigarettes. If the taste is far different, who would use it.

Third: No dizziness The concentration of e-liquid is high, and dizziness may occur if you smoke too much. Many people will also experience discomfort when they first come into contact with e-cigarettes. Oil quality issues.

Fourth, non-dry mouth e-liquid must be used every time you use e-cigarettes. If you are prone to dry mouth, the experience will be very bad. And it is not normal to drink water after taking a few sips.

Fifth: The aroma should not be too strong. Some e-liquids have too strong aroma, which will also affect the experience of using electronic cigarettes, and it is easy to doubt whether too many additives have been added. Sixth: Smoking is not disgusting. If smoking makes people feel sick, I think everyone will not want to use it.

Seventh: Not sweet and greasy. If the e-liquid is sweet and greasy, it will make people bored and cannot be used for a long time. After a few days of smoking, consumers will stop smoking.

Eighth: The problem of not getting angry, I believe many people have encountered it. After smoking, the inner wall of the lips ulcerated, and I dare not eat spicy food.

Ninth: Don’t affect people’s appetite Some e-liquids, after smoking, will affect people’s appetite and make people not want to eat. This phenomenon is very abnormal.

Tenth: Health and safety (also the most important) Now all walks of life are talking about food safety, and the country is now attaching great importance to food safety. E-liquid is a product equivalent to food. If the e-liquid is not healthy and safe, everything is empty talk! Based on the above 10 points, it is for the reference of all players. You must know that the e-liquid we buy can only be regarded as qualified e-liquid if it meets these ten basic points!  

 One milliliter of e-cigarette liquid is equivalent to how many cigarettes?  

    With the prevalence of e-cigarette culture around the world, the circle of domestic players is also slowly growing. At the same time, e-cigarettes also play a role as a healthy alternative to cigarettes, and have gradually attracted widespread attention from smokers. Many smokers do not seem to have a deep understanding and understanding of electronic cigarettes, so there will be a lot of doubts. Today, the editor will take you to understand what is the ratio of cigarettes to e-liquid? How many cigarettes does 1ml of e-liquid equal? In fact, although the biggest commonality between electronic cigarettes and cigarettes is that they contain nicotine, the biggest difference is that, except for nicotine, electronic cigarette oil does not contain more than 3,000 other toxic and harmful substances in cigarettes, and cigarettes are harmful to the human body. It is not nicotine that is most harmful and carcinogenic, but tar and carbon monoxide. 

Common sense of nicotine, commonly known as nicotine, is an alkaloid found in plants of the family Solanaceae (Solanum genus) and is also an important component of tobacco. Nicotine can be addictive or dependent (one of the most difficult addictions to break), and repeated nicotine use also increases heart rate and blood pressure and reduces appetite. When nicotine enters the body, it will be transmitted through the blood and can pass through the blood-brain barrier. It only takes 7 seconds on average to reach the brain after inhalation. The half-life of nicotine in the human body is about 3 hours. The amount of nicotine obtained by the body through smoking is affected by many factors, including the quality of the smoke, whether to inhale heavily, and whether to use a filter. The efficiency of nicotine entering the body is higher through the chewing, mouth and inhalation tobacco, which is contained between the lips and gums and directly inhaled through the nose. 

The liver is the organ that primarily metabolizes nicotine. Nicotine can increase the amount of neurotransmitters, increase the amount of dopamine in the brain, produce a sense of well-being and relaxation, and finally may cause addiction due to smoking. Harmful components of cigarettes Harmful components in cigarette smoke include carbon monoxide, nicotine and other alkaloids, amines, nitriles, alcohols, phenols, alkanes, alkenes, carbonyl compounds, nitrogen oxides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, heterocyclic compounds, heavy metal elements. They have a variety of biological effects, including: 

1. Inflammatory stimulation of the respiratory mucosa: such as aldehydes, nitrogen oxides, and olefins. 

3. Toxic effects on cells: such as nitriles, amines, and heavy metal elements. 

3. Addictive effects: such as nicotine and other alkaloids. 

4. Carcinogenic to the human body: such as benzopyrene of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, cadmium, dimethylnitrosamine, β-naphthylamine, etc. 

5. It has a cancer-promoting effect on the human body: such as phenolic compounds. 

6. Make red blood cells lose their ability to carry oxygen: such as carbon monoxide. A variety of carcinogens that make up tobacco tar are carcinogenic initiators when the inhaled amount reaches a certain level, and carcinogenic agents and synergistic carcinogens can accelerate carcinogenic effects. Nicotine replacement therapy Nicotine replacement therapy is a non-tobacco form, small doses of nicotine preparations with good safety, which replace the nicotine in tobacco. The nicotine it provides is less than that obtained by smoking, but it is enough to reduce withdrawal symptoms. , The nicotine intake of the ex-smokers is gradually reduced to the minimum, and then the habit of smoking is overcome to achieve the goal of successful smoking cessation. 

Nicotine replacement therapy is an effective “smoking cessation method” recommended by the World Health Organization, because through nicotine replacement therapy, it can not only satisfy the addiction to smoking, gradually reduce the dosage, but also avoid the harm of tar, carbon monoxide and other toxic and harmful substances in tobacco to the human body. It is an effective and safe method, which is why it has been recognized internationally. It also shows from the side that tar and carbon monoxide are more harmful to the human body than nicotine. What is the ratio of cigarettes to e-liquid? 1ml of e-liquid is equivalent to how many cigarettes? Nicotine is not the real “culprit” of cancer, but it cannot be abused because e-cigarettes do not have tar or carbon monoxide. There have been many cases of poisoning caused by abuse of nicotine in foreign countries, so it is still necessary to understand the conversion between the concentration of e-liquid and cigarettes according to your actual situation. If the nicotine content of each cigarette you smoke is 1.1 (nicotine content = nicotine content, there will be a mark on the left side of the cigarette box), it will be as follows: 1.1 x 30 = 33 mg. ~4ml, if two milliliters a day, it is recommended to choose 11mg. According to the above statement, you can make a recommendation, how many milliliters do you smoke? The nicotine content of domestic cigarette smoke, that is, the nicotine content in the smoke, is 1.1mg per stick. The oil is approximately equal to the nicotine content of 5 cigarettes. If the concentration of e-liquid is 3mg/ml, then one milliliter of e-liquid is approximately equivalent to the nicotine content of three cigarettes. The vast majority of people consume about 3-5ml of e-cigarette oil per day. Even if the concentration is 6mg, it is equivalent to ingesting the nicotine content of 16-37 cigarettes per day. Moreover, many heavy smoke players consume more e-liquid every day. Based on the average daily concentration of 15ml and 3mg, it is equivalent to the nicotine content of 41 cigarettes. 

For a normal person, if he inhales such a large number of cigarettes every day, his body will feel uncomfortable and cause great harm to his health, because in addition to nicotine, cigarettes also contain tar, carbon monoxide and other toxic substances. But for e-cigarettes, e-liquid only contains nicotine, without tar and other substances in cigarettes, so such a conversion has no practical significance. But you can’t abuse e-cigarettes because of this. After all, excessive inhalation of nicotine can also cause poisoning, so please be restrained. Once you experience “dizziness”, “chest tightness” and “nausea” during the use of e-cigarettes , it means excessive intake of nicotine. At this time, you should stop using electronic cigarettes, ventilate, breathe fresh air, and drink plenty of water. If the symptoms are severe, you need to seek medical attention in time. In addition, the e-liquid must be kept properly, because the whole bottle of e-liquid contains a lot of nicotine. Taking the concentration of 30ml and 6mg as an example, a bottle of e-liquid contains 180mg of nicotine. If it is accidentally eaten by infants or pets, it will cause very serious consequences. Moreover, the taste of e-liquid is mostly very sweet, similar to the taste of drinks and pastries. If it is not placed properly, it is easy to be swallowed by mistake.  

   20 Frequently Asked Questions about E-cigarette Liquid  

 About e-liquid 

1. Why do you get dry mouth when you smoke e-cigarettes? 

It’s normal. Because the main components of e-liquid are glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), which are highly water-absorbing substances. Any advertisement that says that e-liquid does not dry mouth is not credible. It’s just that the ability to secrete saliva in each person’s mouth is different. Some people have a strong secretion ability, so they don’t feel dry mouth. If you happen to belong to that part of people with weak secretion ability, you just need to drink more water. There is no need to think about how to change the e-liquid so that the mouth will not dry out. The ingredients in the e-liquid are just like this, and no one can change it. 

2. What is vaping oil? Why do you need vaping oil? 

E-liquid is composed of a variety of chemical substances compounded by polymers. It also includes various essences, both oily and water-based. Although their densities are very close, there will still be separation, just like water and oil. The purpose of waking up oil is to allow them to fully blend with each other and finally reach a balance. 

3. Is it difficult to DIY e-liquid by yourself? Is it safe? 

Making e-liquid by yourself is not difficult. After selecting the materials, it can be prepared according to the recipe. The real risk of DIY e-liquid is the reliability of raw materials. Please try to choose suppliers with FDA, USP, EP certification. It is definitely not a good thing to blindly pursue low prices, after all, it is something that is inhaled into the lungs. 

4. Why does my e-liquid have no taste at all in my mouth? 

Not everyone feels exactly the same about e-liquid. It is completely normal for some heavy smokers to feel that e-cigarettes are boring or not as expected. But sometimes novice players have too little smoke due to equipment setting problems. Because I have no impression of the first sense of e-cigarettes, I mistakenly think that e-cigarettes are tasteless, and this is also the case. To be honest, apart from the difference in taste, a successful e-cigarette should have a rich and sweet taste. 

5. Why is the taste of smoking with this atomizer not as good as another one? 

An excellent atomizer may have its own style through the difference in the degree of air intake and the degree of atomization. Many players have 4 or 5 atomizers, but most people who use it frequently only have one. Because that atomizer is very in tune with his own feeling. Therefore, when novice players choose an atomizer, try to choose a popular one, and don’t be influenced by the appearance and advertising words. Because the choice of most people is still worthy of reference. 

6. Is the e-liquid too sweet and too greasy to be swollen? 

Some e-juice tastes sweet and greasy, so this flavor may not be suitable for you. It may also be because the e-juice has not fully completed the oil recovery process before leaving the factory. You can choose to store it for two weeks before tasting it, or you can add VG to dilute the taste, or you can choose another flavor directly. Therefore, when trying a new e-liquid for the first time, we do not recommend buying a lot of large bottles at one time, because the taste may not suit you. Veterans always buy small bottles first, decide which flavor to smoke, and then buy a few more large bottles of the same flavor. An old bird is an old bird. 

7. What is throat hit? 

This is a difficult question to answer. The moment the smoke is drawn into the mouth from the outlet, the nicotine contained in it will bring a slight irritation to your throat. It is similar to the stimulation of cigarettes, but when the cigarettes are burning, not only nicotine but also many other chemical components, the stimulation is greater. However, electronic smog does not have such a strong sense of stimulation, and can only simulate the feeling of cigarette entrance. It would be wrong to say that it feels exactly the same as cigarettes. So when you buy e-cigarettes, if any merchant says it tastes the same as real cigarettes, please be sure to keep your eyes open. 

8. What is VG, PG? 

VG refers to Vegetable Glycerin. Also known as vegetable glycerin, also known as glycerin. Please refer to Baidu Encyclopedia for specific chemical descriptions. Glycerin is one of the two basic solutions that make up e-liquid, and it is also the main source of smoke. The higher the glycerin content, the greater the smoke produced by the e-liquid. Generally, oil drop players use pure VG oil when they play big smoke or compete. PG refers to Propylene Glycol, and its scientific name is also known as propylene glycol. It is another basic solution to make up e-liquid. Its role in e-juice is to dissolve flavors and mix other solutions, while also providing a certain throat hit. 

9. Why do I faint after taking two puffs? 

Everyone’s tolerance to nicotine is different. E-liquid itself is a product containing nicotine. If you feel dizzy when smoking electronic cigarettes, you can try e-liquid with low nicotine content or e-liquid with no nicotine content. If you still feel dizzy, please stop using e-cigarette products immediately, after all, health is not a trifle matter. 

10. What concentration of nicotine content is better to choose? 

We cannot advise you which concentration of e-liquid is better. At present, most electronic players choose 6MG, which is enough for throat hit and taste. But if you are just starting to quit smoking, please choose some high strength, so that your withdrawal reaction will not be so strong. Quitting smoking is a slow and arduous process, let’s take it step by step.

11. The relationship between nicotine solution and throat hit? 

The higher the nicotine content, the stronger the throat hit and the greater the irritation. It is recommended to try most of the 6GM players to choose first, if it is not enough, then add more. After all, we are here to quit smoking, not to be more exciting. 

13. Do I need to clean the oil tank before changing the oil? 

It is a good habit to clean the oil tank before changing the oil. As long as you are not a particularly fastidious person, not cleaning is not a big problem. Regular maintenance of equipment is enough. 13. What’s the matter with throat choking? The cause of choking throat is usually the first few mouthfuls that have just been assembled. It is because the oil on the new cotton wick is not fully volatilized before the oil is injected, and is directly sucked up by you from the vent hole. Before closing the oil tank, please drop a little vape oil on the new cotton wick, ignite it and let it fully burn, then this phenomenon will not happen. 

14. Is it true that the longer the e-liquid is stored, the better? 

Absolutely not. Some e-liquids will become softer as the wake-up time increases, but not all e-liquids are like this. Some e-liquids will lose some of their proper flavor after a long time. Any e-liquid should be used up as soon as possible after opening. The e-juice has basically been awakened before leaving the factory, and there is no need to wake up too much. 

15. Does good oil have to use a good atomizer? Are you sure that 97 gasoline should be burned in Charli? There is no requirement to do so, but a good atomizer is more likely to bring out the full flavor of your e-liquid, especially High-grade smoke oil. 

16. How to judge whether the e-liquid is good or not, and whether it is suitable for you? 

Even if we are familiar with friends, we do not easily recommend flavors. Because I recommended it to him, he bought it and tasted it, and he knew that we didn’t hurt him, but it was bought for real money after all. After all, e-juice is a difficult existence. What I like may not be your favorite. Try different brands and flavors, and gradually you will find something that suits you. This is how we all came here. First buy a 10ML vial and try it out. 

17. Why does the smoke smell like rust when imported? 

That is because the cotton is not filled with the heating wire, or the oil conduction is not smooth. , so there will be a smell of dry burning hot wire. Readjusting the cotton core can usually solve it. 

18. Why does my tongue feel numb when I smoke e-cigarettes? 

The e-liquid is incompletely atomized in the atomizer, and a part of the e-liquid is brought to the mouth, and the tongue will feel numb. Electronic smog is in the form of vapor, and some of it will condense in the mouth, and the slight numbness has little effect. Try to increase the output power and try to make the e-liquid atomize completely. 

19. Why do the same e-liquid taste different on the same atomizer? 

Every time you adjust the atomizer, even if the settings are the same, there will be slight differences. However, the reason that can affect the taste is mainly because the cotton core is continuously heated repeatedly, and some parts are still coked. If it is a new cotton core and the taste changes greatly, check whether the e-liquid has expired, or there is suspended matter, which has deteriorated. 

20. Why do some e-liquids damage the atomization chamber? 

At present, only e-liquids with high VG content can damage the acrylic oil chamber. VG can cause corrosion to acrylic materials. If you choose to use acrylic tanks, please pay attention to the VG content of the e-juice.  

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