3 Key Factors Affecting the Quality of E-liquid

 The quality of e-liquid is related to three aspects: 

1. The solvent must be food grade or pharmaceutical grade; 

2. The content of nicotine should be more than 98%, preferably 99%; 

3. High-quality flavor for e-cigarettes. 

How to distinguish the quality of e-liquid: 

1. To observe is to look at the appearance of e-liquid. Good e-liquid is clear and transparent, with colorless, light yellow, golden yellow, orange red, green, etc. It looks very Comfortable and pleasant to the eyes 

2. Use your nose to smell the aroma of e-liquid carefully. A good e-liquid has an elegant aroma and a pleasant aftertaste. The aroma of the oil is comfortable and full, similar to the aroma of real cigarettes, with a sense of satisfaction, clean taste, not irritating, not spicy, not choking, and the aftertaste is lingering after smoking

The difference between VG and PG in e-liquid

VG is the abbreviation of vegetable glycerin in English. Since VG is extracted from plants, many e-cigarette users think that VG is healthier. The properties of VG are viscous and specific, so the smoke produced is large. People who like VG feel that VG makes their throats feel comfortable, but some people don’t feel it. VG produces less irritation and allergies than PG, but some users report producing phlegm in the throat. VG is naturally sweet, and some users think it is very good, so there is no need to add sweeteners to sweet e-liquid. The sweetness of VG does not come from the sweetener or sugar in the essence, but the taste of VG itself, which is better. However, some users feel that the sweetness of VG is too much, which overwhelms the taste of the e-liquid itself. 

PG is the abbreviation of propylene glycol in English. PG is produced by hydration of propylene oxide. PG is much thinner than VG and produces much less smoke. But PG has a strong throat hit, which many users like. PG has been identified as a safe food additive by the FDA. However, from the reactions of e-cigarette users, some users have adverse reactions such as allergies after using e-liquid containing PG. The allergies are different in size, the mild ones have an uncomfortable throat, and the severe ones are itchy all over the body, accompanied by symptoms of dizziness and nausea. If there is an allergic reaction, such people should choose VG e-liquid. Advantages and disadvantages of VG and PG e-liquids 

VG advantages 

1. Large smoke 

2. Healthy and less allergic reactions 

3. Natural sweetness 

4. Comfortable throat 


1. Viscosity is thick and difficult to guide oil 

2. Poor throat hit 

3. The sweetness may overwhelm the fragrance 

4. Dry mouth and phlegm 

PG Advantages 

1. Easy to mix with flavors 

2. Strong throat hit 

3. E-liquid is good for smooth oil 


1. Although the FDA believes it is safe, there are still adverse reaction reports 

2. E-liquid needs to add sweeteners to increase sweetness  

Summary of settings that affect the taste of e-liquid!

1. The oil-guiding material, cotton mesh and rope, has 400 meshes and 500 meshes. It is complicated to make, and it is very troublesome for beginners. It has a metallic smell when you inhale it. It smells like burning nets. The rope is all powder when you scratch it with your nails. Let’s not talk about the consequences of inhaling the glass fiber powder into the lungs. Of course, some people wrap it in plastic wrap. I make the core, but the powder in my mind makes people not want to make cotton. There are medical degreasing, Jiangyuandao, MUJI, etc. This is the cheapest and most practical, and I like it the most. Jiangyuandao and MUJI are both cosmetics Yuan, its cotton is very smooth, you can find that its fibers are all in one direction when you pull it. It is very convenient to make a core, unlike absorbent cotton, which takes a long time to rub. Here it does not affect the taste personally. The advantage is that you change the cotton when you change the oil, so that the smell will not be mixed. 

2. Try various atomizers in the size of the atomization chamber. The large chamber has a large atomization space, so the smoke will be light and soft. But if the warehouse is small, the atomization is insufficient, and it will be very violent. There is also a ceramic warehouse, which will give you a perfect feeling. The taste of ceramics is indeed stronger than that of metal. For example, roses are good 

3, W or V. Everyone knows that W refers to watts and V is the current in volts. If W is small, the smoke from the atomizer will be grainy, and if it is too large, it will be sticky. 

4. Airflow Take GT as an example. If the outlet air column is pumped, the taste is completely different from that without pumping, because when there is an air column, its airflow is directed towards the core, but if it is pumped, the airflow will disperse. Taking SQR as an example, the six-speed intake , the minimum setting is because the airflow is small, so the flow of the atomization chamber is also poor, so the taste is relatively strong. The maximum setting, the atomization is not urgent, it will be taken away by the airflow, and it will give you the taste of the essence. The middle setting is my favorite. It has a fragrance instead of a flavor and a strong taste. 

5. Where is the fun of RBA? The dense winding that is popular now for making core cores, and the loose vegetable winding. The loose winding method does not heat evenly, but you do it If you loosen it round and round after dense, it will give you a different feeling from dense enclosure. Then there is the circle diameter of the core, which many people emphasize. Large, you will find that there is a difference between the fragrance and essence of this thing. Of course, the advantage of a large circle diameter is that you will not get stuck no matter how much you inhale, except of course the air holes are blocked. 

6. Of course, the last one is the smoke oil. The main ingredients are PG VG, nicotine and essence. PG is mainly to give you a throat hit. This thing is poisonous and hurts the mouth and dry throat. But without it, some essences in the e-liquid you smoke cannot be dissolved at all. Imported oil Generally, there are throat moisturizers. VG mainly produces smoke. I won’t say much about it. Nicotine, the same oil as 18 and 6 will give you different feelings, not the stimulation, but this thing really affects Taste 

7. Then there is time. Some people think that the oil taste of 3-4 months is the best. This mainly refers to the degree of solubility of the essence. PG or alcohol slowly dissolves the essence and mixes it evenly into PG and VG. That would be even better.

How long can a bottle of e-liquid last?

E-liquid is very important for e-cigarette users, which is equivalent to “steel demand”. As long as you use e-cigarettes, you must consume e-liquid, which also accounts for the largest proportion of the daily cost of e-cigarettes. Many people who want to use e-cigarettes want to know how long a bottle of e-liquid can be used, so as to estimate the daily use expenses. Some novice friends will also wonder whether their “fuel consumption” will be too high, and what level it is compared with others. The “fuel consumption” of e-liquid is actually affected by many factors. Today, the author will give you a little knowledge about the fuel consumption of e-liquid. 

1. How much is “a bottle”? How long can a bottle of e-liquid last? Different people answer this question and get countless different answers. First of all, the author introduces the packaging of e-liquid, that is, how much capacity does the “one bottle” in the question refer to. At present, there are 10ml, 30ml, 60ml, 130ml, and 150ml packaging specifications for e-liquids in the market, among which 10ml and 30ml are the two most common specifications. 10ml is more suitable as a “trial pack” to experience new flavors. If you like it, you can buy 30ml as a daily ration. Even if you don’t like it, 10ml is easier to handle (gift) (discard). Under normal circumstances, the packaging capacity commonly used by e-cigarette users is “30ml”. 

2. Factors affecting e-liquid consumption The author often sees people asking in forums and groups, “I use xx atomizer, is it normal to use xxmL e-liquid every day?” and other questions. There are still many users who have transitioned from finished atomizers to RBA atomizers. Before, they only used about 3mL of e-liquid per day, but after using RBA, they found that the fuel consumption rose to 4-5mL. Could it be that they made their own atomizers? Isn’t it right? How can there be such a difference in fuel consumption? To understand this problem, we must first understand several factors that affect the consumption of e-liquid—atomizer type, resistance value, power, smoke volume, and frequency of use. 

1. The type of atomizer. Usually, the atomizer with mouthfeel has lower fuel consumption than the atomizer with big smoke, and the atomizer with taste of finished product has lower fuel consumption than the RBA oil storage atomizer, and the RBA oil storage atomizer has lower fuel consumption than the drip atomizer. The fuel consumption of the oil atomizer is low, and the fuel consumption of the finished mouth-feeling atomizer is lower than that of the finished large-smoke atomizer. That is to say, if you use a mouth-feeling atomizer, the atomizer with RBA self-made atomizing core will consume more fuel than the finished product. Big smoke atomizers consume more fuel than mouth-feeling atomizers. The bigger the smoke, the higher the fuel consumption. 

2. Resistance factor. Generally speaking, the lower the resistance value of the atomizing core, the higher the fuel consumption. For example, the finished Nautilus mini atomizer has two specifications of atomizing cores, even if both are mouth-feeling, one has a resistance of 1.8Ω and the other has a resistance of 1.6Ω. In the case of the same output voltage, the fuel consumption of the 1.6Ω coil is higher than that of the 1.8Ω coil. Most of the current finished atomizers are equipped with two types of atomizing cores, one is more about taste and has higher resistance, the other is more about smoke volume and has lower resistance. For example, the resistance value of the taste-type atomizing core is 0.5Ω, and the resistance value of the large-vapor type atomizing core is 0.3Ω. Then, when the output voltage is the same as 3.7V, the fuel consumption of the 0.3Ω atomizing core must be higher than that of 0.5Ω. high. This is because if the output voltage is the same, the lower the resistance value, the higher the actual working power of the coil, the greater the calorific value, and the more e-liquid evaporated in the same time. For example, the voltage is the same as 3.7V, the power of 0.5Ω resistance is about 37W, and the power of 0.3Ω is about 68W, the power difference is more than double, the greater the power, the greater the heat generation, the higher the fuel consumption. 

3. The amount of smoke. In fact, the resistance and power mentioned above are not only factors that affect fuel consumption, but also factors that affect the amount of smoke. The lower the resistance value, the higher the power required, the greater the calorific value, and the greater the amount of smoke. So the bigger the smoke, the higher the fuel consumption. 

4. Frequency of use. Needless to say on this point? In normal use, excluding special loss situations such as oil leakage, of course, the more frequent the use, the higher the fuel consumption. Just like driving a car, the more you drive in a day, the more gasoline you use. 

How long can a bottle of e-liquid last? 

After so much preparation, I finally entered today’s topic. Taking the current common 30ml packaged e-liquid as an example, if a bottle of e-liquid is paired with a mouth-feeling finished atomizer like Nautilus mini, most people use about 3ml in 1-3 warehouses per day, so a bottle of 30ml e-liquid can be used About 10 days. If you use an RBA self-made atomizer like Backgammon, use 0.33mm (38Awg) heating wire to make the coil, and the resistance value is above 1Ω, then the average fuel consumption of ordinary people is about 3 tanks per day, which is about 5-8ml. Then a bottle of 30ml e-liquid can be used for about a week. 

If you like big smoke, use an ultra-low resistance drop oil atomizer or a finished oil storage big smoke atomizer, then the fuel consumption will be relatively high. This type of vaping atomizer requires the use of e-liquid with high VG and low nicotine concentration. According to the frequency of use of the user, it is about 10ml per day, so a bottle of 30ml e-liquid can be used for about 3 days. Because each person’s situation and habit of using e-cigarettes are different, the above is only an estimate of the average fuel consumption based on the usage habits of the vast majority of people, and it may not be very accurate. It is just a rough reference for novice friends. For example, the author’s smoking volume before entering the pit was an average of two packs of cigarettes per day. After using e-cigarettes for this volume, the kflp atomizer’s 1.4Ω coil, about 15w, uses 3-4 chambers per day, about 8-10ml. Later, I used an oil drop atomizer, and the oil consumption rose to 15ml. But now, if I come across a flavor that I like, such as the two “can’t stop” e-juices that many people said a few days ago – Element and Choco Cow, I have calculated it specially, using the oil filling bottle to measure, At the peak, I used more than a whole bottle of 30ml every day. Since the author’s taste is relatively “unique” and “heavy”, I like some desserts and sweet and greasy tastes, so when I encounter chocolate, cream, and cakes, the amount of e-liquid will increase. There is also a durian cake-flavored e-liquid. On a Sunday, the author almost smoked a whole bottle of 30ml in one day. Therefore, everyone has different individual differences, and it is impossible to accurately say how long a bottle of e-liquid can be used. We can only give the data according to the normal use of ordinary people for your reference. 

Finally, today is the 39th World No Tobacco Day initiated by the World Health Organization. I would like to pay tribute to every e-cigarette user, producer, operator, and everyone related to e-cigarettes! I hope everyone will promote The road of e-cigarette culture and the popularization of e-cigarette knowledge goes further and further, so that more people can correctly understand e-cigarettes! The prosperity of e-cigarette culture depends on the joint efforts of everyone! What is your daily fuel consumption when using e-cigarettes? Please leave a message at the end of the article, refer to other people’s fuel consumption to see whether your own fuel consumption is high or low, and also give other friends as a reference.

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